Lake effect snow

Lake effect snow happens when cold air passes over warmer lake water, causing it to pick up more moisture than is normal, creating more snow than is normal. It makes for snowy weather with lots of variety – flurries, showers, big flakes, white-outs – and lots of very white scenery.

Lake-effect snow and icycles hanging from the back roof.

Mouse or chipmunk tracks on the deck. Hope it didn’t find the cats!

The yard has gone from blazing with fall colors to funky brown, dead leaves to nicely frosted with snow. It looks like a Christmas card out there.

One of the trees outside my bedroom window. It definitely looks better covered in snow.

Be Nice Mondays

It’s Be Nice Monday and here’s how it works:

A lot of people hate Mondays. Whether they didn’t get all their weekend stuff done, have a lousy job they’re going back to, argued with the kids over getting ready for school or their team lost the big Sunday game, there’s a lot of bad-tempered or just plain down people out there today. Be Nice Monday seeks to help those I-hate-Mondays folks by not being one of them.

There are lots of ways to do that. One might be letting someone pull in front of you while driving and not cussing them out. Another, compliment someone you normally wouldn’t, like the busboy in a restaurant or the stocker in a store. Help somebody carry stuff to or from their car. Give your bus or subway seat to somebody. Hold the door for the person behind you. Say thanks to someone doing their job. Share your snack with someone. You can buy the person behind you’s drink. Don’t argue back. Shovel the snow for your neighbor when you do yours. Smile and say g’morning.

I’m sure you can think of plenty of other ways to be nice on Mondays. If enough of us join in, maybe Monday won’t be quite such a bad day. I know it’ll help you feel better today. Share or keep what you do today to yourself – either way works fine.